• Management Made Easier

    Management Made Easier

  • Innovative approach in sharing expertise

    Innovative approach in sharing expertise

  • Exceptional, Experienced & Diversified Team

    Exceptional, Experienced & Diversified Team

  • Excellence Serving Growth

    Excellence Serving Growth

    in Academia & Corporate stewardship

Why Choosing Qualizone

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We strive to provide the most suitable and up to date solutions and professional services that will empower our partners to achieve their goals. We work ethically to provide state of the art solutions tailored exactly to the needs of our customers.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Qualizone through its global network of experts’ consultants (500+ all over the world) assists institutions in strategizing their development and innovation pathway as well as providing them with the required tools and methods to achieve operational excellence and world-class classification.

Capacity building

Capacity building

Qualizone has designed high-quality professional development programs for maximizing individual and collective human work performance. We integrate action learning with the latest coaching, training and personal development practices to enhance the performance of your managers, leaders and teams. Increasing productivity and taking your business to the next level.

About Us

A professional services company that works with the Total Quality Management approach, we set high standards of performance and ethical behaviors. Our good reputation established by our high customer satisfaction level, is upheld by how we work and live up to our core values: integrity, confidentiality respect and commitment. We love what we do, work as a team, and establish lifelong relationships with our clients.


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