Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness

Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness

While Quality constitutes a cornerstone for a successful world-class educational institution, it is a major concern for internal and external stakeholders. Monitoring and managing quality in education remain a focal point where institutions have to invest various resources to ensure their institutional effectiveness.

Qualizone, through its consulting services, enables institutions to build a systematic, structured and continuously improving framework of educational policies and processes. Our expertise will be at the service of your institution to engage and implement a strategic plan for a sustainable evolution of your institutional activities in the perspective of excellence in educational outcomes.


Qualizone enables your team, through its highly customized framework, to excel in internal and external processes related to key stakeholders such as students, employers, industries, governments and accreditation agencies. The framework will allow institutions to set and optimize its day-to-day processes such as accountability, drafting and monitoring of roles and responsibilities, identification and continuous measurements of operation as well the setting and monitoring of key performance indicators.


Through partnering with Qualizone, you will be able to define your strategic objectives in terms of improved educational quality and efficiency, research and development, teaching and learning, leadership and governance, community services, and others.

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