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School Information System

School Information System

Student information system (SIS) from Qualizone is the primary system for operating a school. The systems includes student registration, enrolment, scheduling, grades, Fees management, reporting and many other modules. This system is used by educators and school boards to collect the information they need to manage student achievement. It also provides an interface for parents to follow-up and keep track of their children performance and all related academic and financial records. There is also student zone that can be securely accessed to keep track of their agenda, homework, grades and others.

Besides quality assurance of education and daily processes, automation of the management system is the path way for the school continuing improvement and piloting of progress through the automated performance reports and statistics that are provided by the system.


  • Student Admission module
  • Classes and Sections modules
  • Grades and Grades Reports modules
  • Grades Card module
  • Batch Transfer and Graduation modules
  • Tuition Fees & Financial Aid modules
  • HR and Payroll modules
  • Student Attendance modules
  • Users, Profiles, & Permissions modules
  • Reporting System
  • Data Management Rules

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