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University Management System

University Management System

The University Management System (UMS) is an enterprise web-based system that automates the internal workflow procedures of a university as well as the interaction with the students and the instructors. It allows universities to create a more structured organization, increases the transaction handling capacity, and improves the system of internal control.


  • Prospective Students
  • Intelligent Application Forms: Online Entrance Exams Reservation, Online Results and Application Status
  • Current Students: Registration System, and Tuition Management
  • Instructor Part: Class Roster, Grading System, Attendance and Archive
  • Administrative Part: Meta Data , Semester Management, Offerings Management, Academics, Tuition Fees, Reports, Users and Permissions, Facilities Management, and graduation Management
  • Optional Features: Faculty Payroll, Blockage System, Bank Integration, Petition Module, and Notification System


  • Better Service: When employees are able to shift focus from mundane and routine tasks, they can better focus on the students and how to serve them better. The UMS gives the tools to provide students and higher management with top-notch service, such as online registration, automatic petition forms, change of major or periodic status reports and updates.
  • Liability Reduction: During the course of running a procedure, university management can keep track of everyone involved in the process. Due dates are carefully tracked and user can define what happens when a task needs to become escalated. Frequent changes in business rules no longer have to be memorized by the staff.
  • Increased Precision: The UMS easily forces business rules and regulations. The centralized framework will put under control all required information from different departments to correctly identify and classify cases and take decisions accordingly. Electronic systems are known for accuracy. Thus, rules cannot be avoided.
  • Increased Collaboration: Using a workflow system, you can easily integrate your workflows with remote offices, work-at-home employees, business partners, and other branches. Moreover, the collaboration between different branches will be according to a standardized working schema.
  • Reduce Labor Costs: The most obvious benefit of the UMS comes from increasing the efficiency of operations. Using a workflow system, you can automate many of the routine, paper intensive tasks done by staff members.

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