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Quality Management System (ISO)

Quality Management System (ISO)

Managing quality performance requires a comprehensive approach that has a dynamic nature in terms of agility and customization. This becomes highly important when dealing with organizations as they must carefully consider and control their activities to ensure all quality requirements are met.

The integrated web-based automated QMS system that we built has been designed to assist such organizations in implementing and maintaining this comprehensive approach by delivering tools structured around the ISO 9000 family of international standards for quality management taking into consideration the special needs and features for services.


It is a centralized management system that provides a portal to critical quality information and facilitates quality performance improvement through requirement tracking, notifications and real-time management reporting. It has been designed to streamline and automate quality management processes of any organization and assist in the effective implementation of wide quality initiatives on a “use per need basis”. The software system is 100% web-based, highly configurable QMS that helps organizations track, analyze, and report on quality management in addition to streamlining existing processes and enforcing their application.

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