Analysis & Dashboards

Analysis & Dashboards

Analytics Pathways is a consultative approach which is meant to help corporates establish targets based on insights into historical data. It puts the right indicators into the hands of stakeholders supporting them in defining their strategic planning across their digital transformation journey.


Part of the journey requires Identification, collection, cleansing, organizing the data you into a structured business or data models. Visualizing Data into graphical dashboards supports good business decisions. Data analysis helps corporates with overwhelming amount of data aggregated through years identify which information is important and which is just noise. 


Identifying the indicators, and types and Dashboards that are important to you is the next step. Once identified, it should be transformed into graphical representation Dashboards that makes Data available, accessible and in an easy understandable manner.

Qualizone as a subject matter expert, technical expertise can handle a full Analytics implementation lifecycle maintaining quality standards using the right analytical methodologies


From Data Analysis, to identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you need to monitor to drive your business decisions, Qaualizone will lead and deliver create the right Dashboards keeping all your valuable information at your fingertips.

Types of Dashboards

  • Operational dashboard: An operational is a graphical representation of live streaming dashboard used to monitor business processes that frequently change and to track current performance of key metrics and KPIs
  • Strategic Dashboards: A strategic dashboard is a reporting tool used to monitor the status of key performance indicators (KPIs), and are typically used by executives. It is a frequently updated data on less intervals than KPIs
  • Analytical Dashboards: Analytical dashboards are reporting tools used to analyze large volumes of data to allow Corporates investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights.

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