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Mobile Application

Smart school Mobile application is designed to work with both Android | IOS and is meant to create interactivity between School activities, Parents, Teachers and students. Data feeding is available through different inputs. It can be integrated to Qualizone SIS, or can be updated through a simple backend interface that secures availability of information.

Interactivity between students and teachers on the one hand and between parents and those concerned on the other, makes the school experience more interesting and provides live data to the user at the moment of request.

Developed in three different languages (English, Arabic, and French). Our smart App provides continuous communication between schools and families making the school experience an interesting journey

PARENTS: Parents and teachers can communicate easily.

  • Name of the student and their classes
  • Payments
  • Homework agenda
  • Report cards
  • Calendar and schedule
  • School news and events
  • Day offs
  • Attendance details
  • Messages
  • Watch videos and pictures

STUDENTS: The student task is more clear and efficient.

  • Agenda
  • Grades
  • Daily activities

TEACHERS: teachers can send multiple task through the application

  • Less paper work
  • Child growth
  • Communication
  • Student attendance
  • New events
  • Check homework
  • Student information
  • Uploading grades and home works

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