University Rankings

University Rankings

Higher education institutions are concerned with their international ranks, and continuously monitor such ranks with different ranking agencies. International ranking helps the institutions compete with their peers in attracting talented researches and faculty members, grasping governmental and industrial funding, recruiting more qualified students, gaining on their international profile, completing the institution portfolio, and adhering to international standards.

Qualizone enables institutions to analyze and leverage on monitoring their underlying performance, plan their evolution, not only on ranking outcomes, but also in achieving their institutional vision.


Qualizone enables your institution to continuously assess research performance in terms of volume and impact ( Bibliometric Analysis), optimize your institution’s organizational structure and governance, , identify and measure your key performance indicators reflecting the evolution on the rankings pool of criteria, monitor and plan the continuous amelioration of educational effectiveness, make use of insights on employers and your academic audience, enhance the reputation and branding of your institution, build effective partnerships and collaborations, and grow your social responsibility and community services commitments.


Partnering with Qualizone will ensure that the quality culture is embedded in your work environment, empowering your human capital to excel in day-to-day various activities and practices. Furthermore, relying on innovative practices in assessment, evaluation and valorization, planning and strategic thinking, will ease your decision-making process, readily driving your institution to the next level.

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